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k,thx bye
With the coming of WoW Cataclysm heralds the end of a long two years of Lich King.  For good or for worst I've seen guilds born and fall apart, friendships made and lost.   Lich king was my first time clearing end-game progression.   From Naxxramas to ICC, I'll will cherish these great t times.

I've still have a bucket list of things that need doing before December 7th….


Title:  The Seeker, completed
Title:  The Kingslayer, completed (25 man icc, normal mode)
Mounts: Anzu or Swift White Hawkstrider, pending)
(red proto drake, completed) - Abuse the Ooze-
Full tier ten, 3/5 of which is heroic (completed)


Title:  The Kingslayer, completed (10 man icc, normal mode)
Mounts: Anzu or Swift White Hawkstrider, pending)
(red proto drake,  pending)
Max: Cooking, pending)
Full: tier ten,  (completed)


Title:  The Kingslayer, pending)
Mounts: Anzu, pending
Swift White Hawkstrider, completed)
(red proto drake, completed) - less-rabi - in a pug no less.
Full: tier ten,  (completed)
Benediction priest quest, (completed)

(share with me, your thoughts on the last two years of Lich king; the bad and good)
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...Lets never speak of it again!
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Hello friends,

As it stands, Emarine has completed over 2,900 quests.  In the past I've never liked being a NPC's personal fed-ex guy even with gold involved, however with the coming of cataclysm.   I find myself trying to get the Seeker title and old world lore-master.  I might have the title by Thursday, I'll keep you guys posted.

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So close from getting it, 2,852 / 3,000 quest atm.
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I'll be on WoW in 20 + min, if you want to game with me; I'm on Gorgonnash US.
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Dear friends,

Recently I’ve come under financial difficulty, and as such have had to make some cut backs…  As such I come to YOU, the valued friend in these tough times.  With this proposal of friendship an offer to you a sponsorship.

With a one dollar or more donation to the Jason Lyles ICC fund, it’ll guarantee high quality ICC 25 raid progression screen-shots for me to post on Deviantart.

As a thank you, I’ll post on each screen-shot with your Account name in BOLD, letting everyone know what a AWESOME person you are.


Mr/Ms. Awesome (Sponsor)
WoW (c) Blizzard.
Emarine (c) Me.

My paypal email is


so I'll be race changing my Rogue Emarine and wondered which race to choose Dwarf, Gnome or Human please help.
So while the servers are down, I'm posting a few new screen shots from both my main and alts..  Enjoy!
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I don't give a fuck what you think, if this offends you you're free to go elsewhere on DA.

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I've spent a good amount of time/money leveling the skill to 449 enchanting.

And I find it insulting, when I take the time to come to you for say Berserking or 10+ stats to chest, and you try and tip me only 5 gold; are you serious??

Am I the only one who's sick of their being stingy?

/end rant
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Don't roll one, I've spent about 3-4k leveling the skill. :(  On a side note I have 3/8 Nightslayers tier one, need to farm Molten core full time now!
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Stop being such FAIL defend the WS fortress...
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Racist or harassment comments will be REPORTED!!!
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Wow where do I even begin, um first off I'm now exalted with Netherwing after about two weeks of godless grinding daily's an and I have new mount 'Veridian Netherwing Drake' I gridded away about 5.5k today.

Secondly, I found a new 'friend' Jahabadurey whom I camped all week long. lulz…

And last but not least, I got picked for VOA 10, and I won Hateful Gladiator's Leather Legguards from 'Archavon the Stone Watcher' so it been quite a day.  I'll be posting images shortly.

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I need one more Valor.  QQ
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So the Tier 7.5 pants droped and of course I was out rolled, is it to much to win non shit gear?  

/end rant
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I'm looking into making my own guild tomorrow, but can't decide on which names; here are some of the names I'm thinking of.

wiping on trash mobs
mailbox dance team
cant do that while stunned
fifty dkp minus

let me know.
Ok, so tomorrow or friday I'll be back on for anyone who want's to pvp me at around 6-8pm pst.  My toon's last spot was at the Gundrak area.
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Blizzard: I haz your talent points, and there's nothing you can do about it...
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